In case you hadn't heard, there's apparently a Lil Wayne sex tape currently making its rounds on the interwebs. The video reportedly shows Wayne having an unprotected threesome with two strippers. Wayne has yet to speak on the tape, but one of his past lovers, Karrine Steffans, has. And what she had to say will likely bruise Wayne's ego. Maybe he won't care; maybe it's all for attention -- decide for yourself. 

Steffans is a New York Times best-selling author as well as a the star of many famous rap videos of yesteryear. According to Steffans, she and Wayne saw each other on and off for at least a few years. In 2013, she published How to Make Love to a Martian, her alien subject, of course, being Weezy. 

In an interview with VladTV from this past April, she described Weezy as the love of her life. Upon seeing Wayne's new sex tape, though, she didn't treat him as such. Steffans live tweeted (at length) her experience while watching the tape, and she was not impressed with Wayne's performance. After revealing her displeasure, she proceeded to tweet at Drake. In August, Steffans revealed that Wayne told her Drake had written lyrics for him. 

See her long-winded rant below. 

Yikes. That snowballed quickly. Steffan's feminist arguments made to her followers (and angry Wayne supporters) are one thing, but why'd you have to put a loved one on blast like that? And then make it even more personal with Drizzy?