After his minor run in with police this past weekend, Lil Wayne is back in the news today, but this time he’s starring in a new promo clip for Ubisoft's upcoming Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint video game.

The five-minute trailer finds Weezy and some friends throwing on the headsets and showing off the new 4-player co-op gameplay while Weezy’s song “Uproar” plays in the background. At one point, Weezy, who looks to be playing from a mansion on the beach, interrupts the gameplay by answering his phone, and eventually comes back to win the game for them.

"More than anything, the key point of all action is to tell a story. And in this spot, we're telling a story with these characters, not only in the world of the game, but we're telling the story of the characters in the world at home," director David Leitch said about the clip. "You get to see we have fun juxtaposition with the different characters and their voices... but you'll also see sort of a differentiation in their styles from the game and, obviously, their physicality on the couch to their prowess in the game."

Look for Ghost Recon Breakpoint to hit stores & retailers next month. Check out the trailer (below).

In other news, Lil Wayne is still gearing up for the release of his next album, Funueral, which according to him is “all done” and coming later this year. We’ll continue to keep you posted on details with that moving forward.