Lil Wayne made a special call into Q93 last night to talk about his upcoming Lil Weezyana Fest, an event that will see him reuniting with the Hot Boys (minus the incarcerated B.G., we assume) on stage. Things quickly turned into a history lesson, as Wayne shared some stories of his early days recording with Juvenile and the boys. 

According to Wayne, Birdman and the rest of Cash Money found it hard to see passed Juvie, who they saw as the star of the Hot Boys at the time, but according to Weezy, it was Juvenile who would take him and aside and tell him that he had a special talent.

Later on, he got into his third studio album, 500 Degreez, a clear reference to Juvie's multi-platinum 400 Degreez, which he explained was mainly the label's way of saying they would survive Juvenile's departure.

"The whole team wasn't really behind me with that album, said Wayne. "The only thing Baby was really behind about that was that it was 500 Degreez. That it was a rebelling album. We were supposed to be showing that Juvie was gone, and that we were still here. That's what Cash Money tried to sell with that album. The next album it was more-- we gave in to whatever Wayne's doing... and that's when the Carter became Tha Carter."

He then addressed the similarity some have pointed out between 500 Degreez, and Young Thug's Barter 6; a tribute to Wayne's own series that the two have not seen eye to eye on in the past. Surprisingly, Weezy had some very kind words for Thug.

"Here's the difference-- when we did it, we had no problem saying we don't need no Juvie, this is 500 Degreez. [Thug] came out and said 'I'm naming my album such and such because of props, and because I'm such a fan'," he explained. "That's a totally different approach. I'd have to be some kind of monster to overlook that... I'm not that type of person. My mama ain't raise me [like that]... I'd have to be a monster for me to be like 'I don't believe you'. If he say it's from the heart and he's some kind of fan... I love him, hell, thanks bruh. I appreciate everything about it if he's a fan."

Does this mean Young Thug and Lil Wayne can get in the studio together sometime soon? 

Listen to the full interview below. The Thug comments come at the 17:30 mark.