Lil Wayne's status as a legend is indisputable at this point. In terms of musical legacy, technical prowess, prolific work ethic and the like, Weezy's name often serves as the connective tissue between two generations. It goes without saying that Mr. Carter is a fine contender for the Greatest Rapper Alive, and the case is made all-the-stronger by the success of his Young Money label. A label that helped launch the careers of Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga, whose combined presence altered the course of hip-hop music as we know it.

 Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

A few days ago, Young Money's debut album We Are Young Money celebrated its tenth anniversary. The project, which featured singles like "BedRock," "Every Girl In The World," and "Roger That," marked the beginning of a dynasty. Unrefined though it may be as a cohesive body of work, the album serves as a kickoff point for a triumphant modern-day success story. What followed needs no introduction, and it's clear that Weezy still values his squad's informal introduction to the game at large.

Taking to Instagram, Weezy issued a reminder of that fateful day, reminding the masses that Young Money has essentially played a role in running the game for ten years strong. Do you have any memories forged to We Are Young Money? Sound off below, and show some love to team Captain Weezy F. Baby for everything he's given us.