Lil Uzi Vert is coming off an incredible 2020 in which he was able to deliver numerous chart-topping projects including Eternal Atake and the collaborative tape with Future called Pluto x Baby Pluto. Despite just coming out with a new album, fans are anticipating new music from the artist and it seems like Uzi is ready to deliver. He has been teasing new snippets and for many, it would appear as though Uzi is about to get back to his 2016 output, which many fans seem to prefer.

Now, Uzi is expressing his interest in working with a former child star, that many of our readers probably remember from the 2000s. Of course, we are talking about Amanda Bynes, who had her very own show.

Over the past few years, Bynes has been in the media quite a bit and it hasn't always been for the best reasons. However, it seems like Bynes is back and is engaging in a rap career. Recently, she shared a snippet for her first song called "Diamonds" and Uzi must have liked what he heard because now he's trying to get on a track with her.

While this collab is unlikely, it would definitely be an interesting endeavor. Fans are going to listen to whatever Uzi puts out regardless, but the inclusion of Bynes would throw some casual listeners for a loop.