It's been almost two years since Lil Uzi Vert's last project and fans are starting to get impatient. There have been numerous delays when it comes to Eternal Atake and now we've gotten to the point where it may not release at all. Either way, fans can remain hopeful as Uzi is now on Roc Nation and seems to be a much happier artist. Whenever we see Uzi out and about these days, he looks pretty content with life, although unfortunately, he's flexing and not recording music. His latest stunt went above and beyond what one could imagine recently, as he unleashed a clip full of flexes that would leave even a moderately wealthy person jealous.

In the clip above, Uzi can be seen getting off of a private jet and walking towards some luxurious cars, including a Rolls Royce and a Bugatti. From there, the video changes to a nighttime scene where Uzi is surrounded by friends and is blessing the front of a Rolls Royce with numerous diamond chains. It's a flex that would make any rapper blush and I don't think we've ever seen an icier car before.

While it's all great to see Uzi happy, we just hope he can bless us with some new music soon. He'll certainly be able to cop new ice just based on the sales of the album alone.