Kodak Black has built his career thusfar off of great music and controversy. The young rapper has been stirring the pot since he first entered the scene. Lil Uzi is also known for his great music but as well for his antics off on and off stage. While the two rappers shared the same cover of the XXL Freshmen List, even being in the same cypher with each other, Kodak had some negative comments about both Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty's music a week ago. Which has since prompted Lil Uzi to respond. 

On a recent Instagram Live session, Uzi was asked about how he felt about the Florida rapper.

Responding to the question, Uzi said, "How I feel about Kodak? That's one of my classmates from the XXL [freshman list]. I fucks with Kodak."

It was a pretty clear cut response. Uzi definitely doesn't seem like he feels any type of way about Kodak's comments.

He later continues to explain that he'd be concerned with what Kodak had to say if he didn't have money.

"I ain't poor." Uzi says, "If I was poor, this would've got to me. If I was poor, I'd have all day to think about that."

It's ultimately not a shocking response from the Philadelphia rapper. Uzi marches to the beat of his own drum, so the words of other don't seem to have any affect on him.

Prior to responding to the Kodak question, Uzi was asked how he felt about some of his other peers in general, to which he replied, "Y'all keep asking me about all these young mothafuckas. I fuck with all the young n*ggas. Everybody young."

Kodak initially expressed his feelings for both Uzi and Yachty music on an Instagram Live freestyle. He started off by saying that he's not like his peers before he went into his freestyle. He said "I don’t even listen to Uzi, these n****s d**k in the booty, they confusing the community [...] I don’t even listen to Yachty, he don’t even be dropping no knowledge."

Ultimately, hip hop is all about expression so it's good that no party mentioned or involved with this took anything anyone else has said to heart. Let's just hope that all parties have new projects coming soon.  

Watch Uzi's Instagram stream below: