Lil Uzi Vert is bringing his fans into his universe once again for the release of his upcoming album, Eternal Atake. Over the past year and some change, he's announced his label frustrations which later led him to a management deal with Roc Nation. Even so, the release of Eternal Atake was still up in the air since it was allegedly still up to DJ Drama and DJ Cannon's Generation Now label to release it.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

After sharing the official cover art for the project and confirming that the album would be arriving in a matter of weeks, Uzi came through with a trailer for the upcoming album. The Eternal Atake short film kicks off with Uzi in an office before things start going left. Before you know it, a spacecraft crashes with women dressed in that eerie purple dress that references the Heaven's Gate mass suicide. At the end of it all, Uzi gets abducted by aliens while we're left to wonder the fate of Eternal Atake. Ultimately, the short film shows the birth of Uzi's new alter ego, Baby Pluto that he's been teasing over the past few days. 

Uzi's new album is expected to drop in two weeks following a confirmation from the rapper but considering the hold up until now, you probably shouldn't be holding your breath.