It felt like we were making progress on getting Lil Uzi Vert's long-awaited Eternal Atake but it's been relatively quiet recently. He went through a string of strange incidents since the top of the year that involved a brief stint at retirement and a public feud with his label. However, things did get better at one point -- Jay-Z saved the day and signed him to a management deal with Roc Nation right before Uzi dropped a few tracks. Unfortunately, the future of Uzi's new album still remains a mystery.

 Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images

Lil Uzi Vert hopped on Instagram to give fans a bit of an update on the future of Eternal Atake. Although he previously said the album is completed, it looks like he's still working on it in hopes that it'll have a major impact across the world.

"I want this to be right for y'all," he said. "I want to be able just to play this and we all just look at each other and just start hittin' The Whoa. Like, 'relax. I got you.'"

Unfortunately, this means that Uzi still doesn't have a release date for the project but he still doesn't think its too late to drop it.

"The way I got this shit set up, see, what I did was I manipulated time and it's never too late for me," he said before he seemingly references his feud with his label. "It's too late for them. That's the problem, I was giving them a chance."