Lil Uzi Vert has been sending us a ton of mixed signals as of late. We all know by now that Uzi has been teasing his upcoming album Eternal Atake forever now. The last time he released a project was back in August of 2017 with Luv Is Rage 2. We also got the five-minute song "New Patek" and even a verse on Shabazz PBG's song "Shells" in which the Philly rapper talks about wanting out of his deal. It seems as though the lack of music is due to an issue with his label, which has prompted Uzi to say that he is quitting music. 

Well, it seems as though Uzi's hiatus from the game didn't take long to come to an end, as the "Sauce It Up" artist was seen in the studio, previewing some new music that could potentially wind its way up onto Eternal Atake.

While it is encouraging to see Uzi in the studio, there is still no information on when his album or even a new song for that matter will drop. His fans have been begging for new tracks and were sad to learn he might be headed for early retirement.

What do you think of the snippet? Are you checking for new music from Lil Uzi?