This has been a quiet year for Lil Uzi Vert. The artist has been on the festival circuit, raising his game in each performance but we haven't heard much new music from the Philadelphia kid. Aside from his "New Patek" single and a handful of features, Uzi hasn't had as big of an impact as we would have liked in 2018. He's been teasing Eternal Atake for a minute and just recently, he started hinting at its arrival again. So what's taking so long to actually release the work? After analyzing his lyrics in the new song "Shells," some are speculating that his label may be stopping EA from seeing the light of day.

In Uzi's new feature on Shabazz PBG's track, he spits, "Tryna figure out how I'm gon' get out my deal." Obviously, he doesn't clarify the line after we hear it. Instead, he switches up the subject matter entirely. However, it's leaving many fans to wonder whether his label is waving a big stop sign in front of Eternal Atake

Uzi fans were excited to see him on a new song today as it's become more of a commodity to see him pop up these days. Hopefully, 2019 brings us some new music from Uzi because his fans are getting pretty impatient.