The bad-mouthed nine-year-old that is Lil Tay has shocked her 2.3 million followers by going dark and removing every post on her grid. Not only that, but her avatar photo and highlights are scrubbed, leaving people to wonder what the hell is going on. Tay is known for her hater-flexing posts with stacks of cash and her videos that claim she's the richest youngin' in the game. 

Not too long it was alleged that her older brother, Jason, is the man behind the plan as he's coaching her to do these ridiculous videos. It was also thought that her mother is all for it, as she too is trying to make cash from her daughter. It was all pretty believable after we posted a video last week of what seemed to be Jason giving Tay a hookah to smoke with their mom in the background. 

Tay was recently seen posted up with legendary producer Rick Rubin that leads many to believe that she may actually be seriously (?) dropping music soon. Maybe she's done with her past image and wants to start fresh with a whole new look and feel. 

Only time will tell us what is really going on. What do you guys think?