If Tekashi 6ix9ine walks without facing any prison time, that man will have to locate a place on earth where he can hide for eternity. While he gained a lot of success in a short amount of time, he also made a lot of enemies. Among them were several rappers from Chicago. Last year, 6ix9ine made a spectacle out of his visit to Chicago while provoking rappers from the city. By now, we should know that he was accompanied by a lot of police and security which Lil Reese said he found out about while waiting for the rapper's arrival at the airport.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

"When he first came to Chicago -- alright, it's a big city but it's a small city. When he first got to the airport and came, we was up there, at the airport. We watched him get in the car," Reese told Akademiks. 

While many wondered why 6ix9ine was able to run his mouth without getting harmed, Reese revealed that he saw 6ix9ine get into his car but no one was able to do anything because the airport was surrounded by police.

"We was up there at the airport, bro... We watched the man get in the car," he said. "We let him ran out because there was police all in the car. Police all with him. We wasn't finna do nothing. We was at the airport. We got up out of there."

Reese explained that he didn't feel the need to actually take the beef serious because 6ix9ine was playing Internet games, and Reese doesn't do Internet games.