When artists are unsure whether or not to drop something as a single, sometimes they check in with the fans to see what they think. The new generation of rappers has been employing this technique pretty often, sharing snippets on their social profiles and asking for a certain number of comments to unlock the track on streaming. Lil Pump is a heavy culprit of this method, also using his live shows as a means to see how hype the crowd gets to his unreleased bangers. Of course, the Florida-based superstar is not entirely concerned with crafting a song that will make you think. Instead, he's down with the opposite. Jetski wants his supporters to lose themselves in his music, vibing out and letting loose for a few minutes at a time. His new song is sure to do that for the fans.

Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Previewing a snippet of the upcoming track, Pump asked fans to flood his mentions to see how they were feeling about it. Rapping a fast-paced flow over a whistle sample loop, Pump shook his green braids around and hit baseball-inspired dance moves in his attempt to go viral. The track, titled "How I Wanna Live," has not yet been uploaded to the musician's SoundCloud page. 

Are you feeling the vibe or is it too similar to everything else he's done?