Lil Pump caused some ripples in the South Florida pool last night (Saturday, September 21) when he hopped on social media to claim that he is the king of Miami. Miami is no small city, and Pump claiming dominion over the musical hotspot won't be taken lightly by its inhabitants and Pump's peers. Pumped hopped on his Instagram Story to make the statement. "Niggas better stop playing with me like I'm not the king of Miami, nigga," he states wildly in the clip. "I got 150 shooters in Miami. Stop playing with me." He may want to call Rick Ross to confirm this kingship he is claiming. 

Pump also revealed that his record deal with Warner Bros. is done. There is no confirmation that this is accurate, so we'll have to trust Pump's word. "It's already the 22nd. You know what that mean, bitch. I'ma fucking free agent," he bellows. "Fuck you talking 'bout, nigga. I ain't got no label no more. Free agent way, and I ain't signing less than $20 mill, hoe." Pump's Harverd Dropout is only a few months old, but the rapper is allegedly hard at work on his next project. If he is really a free agent, it will be interesting to see how Pump maneuvers his career from this point forward.