Marking his first television performance, the Harvard dropout himself, Lil Pump, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to perform his latest single, "Esskeetit."

After being introduced by Fallon, who doesn't have an easy time properly pronouncing esskeetit, Pump appears on stage, surrounded by a seemingly infinite amount of confetti, and backed by a spinning wall painted in a psychedelic pattern. This on it's own would probably be enough for a competent, if not a little dry, performance, but Pump came with a piece de resistance: two back-up dancers dressed in purple inflatable fat suits. 

The two dancers, covered head to toe by the outfit which features a large "ESSKEETIT" on the front, honestly steal the show from Pump here. Their goofy outfits make it look like he's being escorted by some energetic California Raisins, and they honestly break it down pretty good despite their seemingly short limbs. Not to get completely upstaged, Pump does engage in some brief "Shoot" dancing alongside his companions, garnering some cheers from the crowd. 

Pump's star has been rising for a while now, with the success of "Gucci Gang," and his recent appearance on the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, but now Pump can finally flex that the world has seen him on television. Now that his "beef" with J. Cole has finally subsided, all it'll take for Pump to truly take over the world will be for him to finally drop the Harvard Dropout mixtape. Check out Lil Pump's performance on Fallon below.