At this time last year, we were all tired of hearing "Old Town Road." The track has been overplayed in every sense of the word. That's not taking anything away from the artists who created the record-setting hit single. Even Lil Nas X joked about the seemingly endless supply of remixes that were being released to capitalize on the momentum.

The 21-year-old cultural phenom has been teasing his new album for several months, giving updates every once in a while and teasing fans with sporadic previews. Today, Lil Nas X decided to give his fanbase more to look forward to, revealing a couple of the songs on the project and cracking a joke about why he's gearing up to drop soon.

"Gonna start back releasing music soon," wrote LNX on Twitter. "The old town road money running out."

Obviously, it would be pretty surprising for him to actually run out of money from the song, which has been one of the most popular musical compositions of the last decade. He's joking about that much but, hopefully, he's not playing about the new music. His fans have waited for a long time and are expecting a lot from what will technically be his debut album.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In addition to the promise of new music soon, Lil Nas X also confirmed two of the songs that will be included on his album but will not be the initial singles. Both "Titanic" and "Don't Want It" are on the way, as announced by LNX himself.

Are you looking forward to hearing what he's been working on during the quarantine?