Earlier this week we posted about the aggressive encounter that happened to Lil Kim while she was in New York when a group of anti-fur protestors bombarded her outside of the Verizon Media Studios. The "Crush On You" rapper seemed visibly frustrated by their aggressive manner and clapped back by telling the protestors to "back up." Lil Kim followed up with a statement after, thinking the individuals were PETA employees.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

"Peaceful protests mean more than anything. I'm not telling you guys to stop," Kim wrote. "Keep going. Go ahead, PETA, keep doing what you do. I get it. I am supporting you from a distance if you’re not in my upper space trying to violate. At the end of the day, I understand what you're fighting for." 

PETA has since responded, making it clear that they were not the ones who were running the protest and now want to meet with Lil Kim and give her a faux fur jacket to replace the ones she will hopefully donate. "Moving forward, it would be great to see Lil' Kim commit to refusing to wear animal fur, joining the ranks of other compassionate celebrities," PETA stated in a press release. 

Lil Kim has to follow up on their offer.