Jim Fouts, the independent mayor of Warren, MI, has come under fire for a new set of recordings of highly offensive comments that have been alleged to have been uttered by him. The new audio leaks were posted by the independent journalist site Motor City Muckraker, and they find a voice comparing black people to chimpanzees, using the n-word, and also making disparaging remarks about women. 

Find the offensive comments as well as the audio recordings of each one below. WARNING: Graphic language 

"You know, blacks do look like chimpanzees. I was watching this black woman with her daughter and they looked like two chimps. Their mouths were elongated up, duck-ish like." 

"I remember this one kid in my class, I told you, some years ago he said -- we were at a party store -- he says my dad had rules: only two niggers at a time." 

“Think I want to date a fucking 60-year-old hag? Fuck that shit. I’m not interested in any old ugly hag. I think after a certain age they are dried up, washed up, burned out.”

“They are pussies when they are young, and when they get older, they’re just mean, hateful dried-up cunts.”

Fouts responded to the damning recordings earlier today, after he had taken part in Warren's 4th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ceremony, in which he announced the new appointment of the city's diversity coordinator. In a statement released via his Facebook page, he called the recordings "vile," "vitriolic," and "phony," and suggested they had been doctored by Mark Hackel, the County Executive of Macomb County, and other political rivals in order to compromise his "outstanding record as mayor." 

"Shame on them and shame on Mark Hackel for this transparent attempt at character assassination," he wrote. Right after the MLK Day ceremony, WXYZ-TV Detroit briefly caught up with Fouts and asked him about the tapes, and he once again claimed them to be fraudulent. "That is an engineered tape inspired by Mark Hackel, just like the last one," said Fouts. "It is not me." A black man angrily calls for Fouts' resignation as he rushes out of the building. 

The latest tapes are not the first objectionable recordings that have been raised against Fouts. Last month, a recording that alleged to come from him contained hateful comments made about mentally disabled people, whom were referred to as "retards" and "not even human beings." After that recording, Fouts was fired from his weekly show on 910AM Radio Superstation. 

According to Motor City Muckraker, audio experts have verified that the latest recordings come from the mayor.