The latest series of tweets from Kanye West has landed him in Twitter exile. For days now, West has been speaking openly against Universal Music Group and Sony as he rallies the internet troops to help him in his quest of retaining his masters and leaving his label. Kanye West has often stirred up controversy over his political attachments and questionable statements about historical Black figures, but even those that disagreed with his previous scandals supported his music industry cause. Yet, Avatar actor Laz Alonso called out the rap mogul for allegedly manipulating the Black community through these calls of "liberation."

Laz Alonso, Kanye West, Sony, Universal, Twitter, MAGA, Trump
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

Hollywood Unlocked shared a screenshot of Ye's most recent tweets about Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby, and wanted to know the public's thoughts. Alonso didn't hesitate to chime in. "Kanye: I need public support to put pressure on Sony & Universal because I can't threaten a boycott or win this fight alone (even tho it will solely benefit me & not my community), my Maga folks are you with me? Crickets," Alonzo wrote on Instagram. "Kanye to Kanye: talk that black liberation talk & manipulate your people again, they always forgive u no matter what u say or do to hurt the cause.... hmmm good idea!"

Many people agreed with Alonso's assessment, however, opinions about West and his comments continue to divide. Do you believe La Alonso was speaking truth?