Lauryn Hill has some of the most loyal fans. Not only has she sustained her relevance, touring on songs that stems mostly from her first and only studio album, the artist has also managed to attract concertgoers despite her becoming notorious for late arrivals and canceled shows. When she does show up, it seemed like the quality of her performances was consistently on the decline. Fans complained about her classic songs being remixed excessively. If the tunes did align with their original forms, showgoers complained about sound quality. Lauryn Hill's latest show points to her ability to move a crowd and leave them with a positive experience.

 Gus Stewart/Redferns

The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill Tour stopped in London last night. To many people's surprise, the singer started the show "on time" by her recent standards, arriving 20 minutes past the start time as opposed to showing up hours late or even opting to cancel the event in its entirety. While the sound quality at London's O2 Arena is known to be dodgy at times, Hill and her musicians managed to produce a show that was received as "loose and relaxed rather than messy."She returned to form with her faithful performances of songs like the Bob Marley-sampling “Forgive Them Father.”

Ms. Hill also dished out some wisdom to the crowd, speaking of love, hope and gratitude. The importance of legacy was also shared. It seems like her own is back on track to maintain its unwavering pertinence.