What will be the hottest trend of the new decade? We, as a trend-chasing community, are always looking for what's hot and new. The 2010s brought us tons of dope content, surging Instagram to the top of all social media platforms with their photo-based upload system. Influencers used the medium to hustle on the side, taking after Kylie Jenner and her family as they shared one thirst trap at a time, turning heads and ensuring that the attention remained on them. Thirst traps were huge for Jenner's brand, serving as a base for her financial success and basically catapulting her to billionaire status. The reality television star and makeup mogul decided to close out the decade in a very on-brand manner: by posting one final thirst trap for the masses to drop their jaws over.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Taking to the interwebs, Kylie Jenner reminded us all that, even as a mother of one, she still has a banging body. Rocking her lacy lingerie, Jenner admitted that this was the only way things felt "right" heading into a new chapter of her life. We may be in the midst of winter but Kylie knows how to heat things up in a matter of seconds.

Take a look at the sexy posts below and let us know what you're expecting from Kylie in the new year.