This morning in California's Ventura County, more than 1,700 firefighters worked to contain a wildfire that burned through 65,000 acres and continued to threaten 12,000 structures. 

According to The New York Times, at least four homes have been tarnished near the 405 Freeway, due to the flames. The "Nothing 2 Lose" rapper, Kyle, has made a public announcement via TMZ telling fans that his former family home on the east side of Ventura now looks like an "ashtray" due to the wildfire. Watch his statement in the video below.

"The price of the home is really not what's important," he says, adding that the most devastating thing to lose is the memories. "I don't even live in that house anymore but you know something about it being gone kind of breaks me."

He then urges viewers to text UWVC to 41444 where all donations will go to families affected by the fire. "Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated because we're going to have to rebuild the entire city."

A few other big names have taken to their social media accounts urging everyone to be safe.