Kyle's unwavering happiness has become somewhat of a meme, not unlike his homie Logic, who willingly accepted those taking the piss out of his "biracial" status. As a result, Kyle has taken the label and run with it, going so far as to lead off a takeaway performance of "Ups N Downs" with some of his happiest lyrics to date. It's so positive, in fact, that some might even be put off by his sunny disposition. Throw in a ukulele player by the name of Einer Banks, and you're looking at one of the most feel-good clips in recent memory; after all, who doesn't love the wholesome call of a ukulele?

Only, as the song's lyrics reveal, perhaps things aren't always what the seem. "Hey Kyle, how you doing? What is this dream you're pursuing," he asks, taking on the guise of a nameless critic. "What are these feelings you mention, are you from a different dimension?" He proceeds to ponder the very nature of his existence, spitting "why is he rapping about happy?" As the song progresses, Kyle flips the script, opening up about his inner sadness, yet the smile on his face suggest a man at peace with his demons. As the song progresses, Kyle shouts out Kid Cudi, while showing off a little bit of vocal versatility. 

Though Kyle certainly holds it down, the real star may be Banks on the strings, who comes through with the hardest ukulele solo in what very well be hip-hop history. Peep the performance below.