Remember Kourtney, the eldest Kardashian sister? The 37-year-old MILF and a half had a relatively drama-free 2016, but she's intent on getting back in the headlines this year, and she's been doing so by flaunting her greatest assets. She freed the nipples a couple of weeks ago while on an outing with Justin Bieber. That outfit didn't make it onto Instagram, but luckily, the app doesn't have many restrictions when it comes to the showing of ass. Just look at her latest pic. 

Kourtney's photographer got a shot of her backside, situated in a tiny white bikini, pressed up against a terrace railing. She leans back against the rails, looking relaxed while facing Kim, but her ass looks to be plotting an escape. Judging by the manner in which it eludes the metal barrier and droops out into the open air, "jelly" is indeed its main ingredient. 

Who does Kourtney intend to provoke by captioning the post with the famous "Bootylicious" lyric? The father of her kids, Lord Disick, of course. Scott actually accompanied the Kardashians on their trip to Costa Rica, where they're currently filming an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, but he jetted off to Miami a few days ago after getting into a nasty fight with Kim and Kris Jenner, reports TMZ

Scott apparently tried to covertly bring another woman with him to the island, and he put her up in the hotel where the KUWTK crew was staying. Kim and Kris found out, and they reportedly tore him a new one. So he flew up to Miami, where he has since been spotted poolside with multiple different women, first model J Lynne and then, yesterday, a brand new blondie

So while Scott is having no trouble in keeping a healthy rotation of beach bums, his ex just issued him a sobering reminder: There's no ass like that of a Kardashian.