As everyone must be aware of by now, back at the start of May, Kodak Black was arrested prior to Rolling Loud on federal and state weapons charges. The rapper's troubling legal history loomed overhead, prompting prosecutors to implore a Judge to revoke Kodak's $500,000 bond, and unfortunately for the young "Calling My Spirit" rapper, the Judge sided with the prosecutors - citing his longstanding history of prior charges, and deeming Kodak a "danger to the community" - leaving the 22 year-old stuck in jail for the foreseeable future.

gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

Kodack is set to appear in court this August, and faces the possibility of up to thirty years in prison,  but it doesn't seem to have stopped the young rapper from living his life behind bars. He celebrated his birthday just 2 days ago, the day after which the NBA finals game aired, in which Kodack took to Instagram to send a get-well-soon message to KD (which has since been deleted), also shifting the focus to his frustration at spending"Another Birthday Watching The Finals In This Bitch Lol." 

Now, Kodack has taken to Instagram once more, this time to post another video showing off his, drippy as hell, pacifier chain. The chain - which features dazzling diamonds in white and teal, and has his nickname "Project Baby" engraved on the back - was purchased back in May. Kodack boasted the accessory with the caption "Project Baby Aint Got No Stroller But I Keep Pushin," and Instagram users are hilariously wondering how exactly the rapper manages to out-bling most people all the way from jail.