Kodak Black's making enemies with Reginae Carter and her parents. The rapper issued a response to Reginae Carter who told the "Calling My Name" rapper to put some respect on her father's name after he was heard disrespecting Lil Wayne at Club LIV. Kodak explained that he has no beef with Wayne but he did clap back at Reginae which clearly didn't please Toya Wright who commented, "Boy fuck you" under TheShadeRoom's video of his response. While Kodak could've ignored it, he decided to issue a disrespectful response to Wright.

What Kodak Black had to say to Toya Wright was way more disrespectful than referring to Reginae Carter as Wayne's "bald head daughter." The rapper replied to Toya's comment in TheShadeRoom, saying that if he was single, he would have sex with her as if Wright should be flattered.

"@toyawright If I Ain't Have No Girlfriend I'd Fuck Da Shit Out Yo Fine Ass #HappyNewYears #GodBless," he wrote.

Toya Wright has yet to respond to Kodak Black's comments but this isn't the first time she's clapped back at people coming for her family on the Internet. Last month, Toya issued a response to Internet trolls who continuously call her youngest daughter ugly.

"Social media goes too far. My kids always have and always will come before any of this shit and I will not tolerate any disrespect when it comes to them. Bet the land on that! With that being said....Fuck ANYbody that has ANYthing negative to say about my daughters," she wrote.

Clearly. Kodak didn't get the memo.