We live in a time where cell phones appear to be pretty easy to come by in prison. If you get caught with one, you're probably going to end up doing additional time. But if you hide it well enough, like Tay-K or Martin Shkreli, you may be able to post a few photos of yourself online for your fans to get super confused about. It's unclear who captured this photo of YNW Melly in jail but the Florida rapper has on a huge smile in a picture that has been shared by the likes of Kodak Black recently. It has jump-started a group of Melvin's peers to support the artist publicly, preaching for his freedom.

In the photo, which has been liked by Meek Mill, Melly smiles big in his white and black striped jumpsuit. Kodak shouted out his cousin-in-law, Lil Soto, who has been accused of murdering three people. Soto is currently at the same facility as YNW Melly

Kodak isn't the only person to have spoken out in support of YNW Melly. Roddy Ricch, another rising rapper, added a photo of Melvin on his Instagram story, telling his fans that he should be free because "he's innocent." Obviously, we haven't gotten every piece of information related to Melly and YNW Bortlen's case. Do you think Melly should be released?