Kodak Black and Cardi B may be very different in terms of how they approach their careers but according to Kodak, they're a lot more similar than you may think. Bardi's single "Bodak Yellow" is a play on Kodak's stage name, which has brought the two close, but they haven't worked much together. A few months ago, the Florida rapper actually flirted with Cardi's sister, Hennessy Carolina, since the New York superstar was taken at that point. Now, Kodak decided to show some love to the "Money" star with her own tribute on Instagram.

Cardi B may have been quick to get out of her jeans since they fit her so tightly but Kodak was digging the ensemble. In fact, he felt like pointing out that he had worn something almost identical. He posted up in a double denim look, wearing a jean jacket over his paint-splattered pants, also showing Cardi's Canadian Tuxedo to compare their looks. Cardi took things a step further by also rocking a denim bra but the similarities were enough for Kodak to deem them twins. "If Cardi B win I win because that's my twin," wrote the rapper before deleting the post.

He tagged Cardi in the post but she hasn't responded yet to the love. Maybe this is Kodak's way of asking to collaborate. Do you think they'd sound good together on record?