We should not be surprised by anything Cardi B does anymore. Her personality is so unfiltered that the shock value shouldn't even exist at this point but for some reason, she still manages to one-up herself nearly every day on social media. Offset has seemingly been missing his estranged wife recently, getting a little worked up on his own account but Cardi is just out here letting everything breathe... in her relationship and in general.

Bardi was out in a double denim ensemble but her jeans were too tight for her liking. In fact, she noted while she was riding in the car that they were hugging her body so snug that she ended the night with a "pussy wedgie." Is there such a thing as TMI for Cardi B? Apparently not because later, she moved the camera down a little further to reveal her nude behind sitting in the backseat of the whip. She said that she needed to take her pants off because she hates "having pussy wedgies." She continued, "My pussy was screaming at me like 'Bitch you got me fucked up!'" 

Imagine being trapped inside of Cardi B's mind for a day. I don't even want to imagine the things that flow through her brain space. Check out her most recent outrageous video below.