Since his release from prison, Kodak Black has taken to living his best suburban life. The self-proclaimed project baby hilariously declared that he left his days in government subsisted housing behind him long ago sharing in a hilarious and widely circulated video. "Look at me, heey! I don't stay in the projects anymore," he said. "I'm not a project baby anymore, I'm a suburb kid. I'm a suburban, I'm a suburban dude."

Soon after, musician Chris Brown posted another laugh-inducing clip of Kodak jokingly confessing during one of his Instagram live sessions. Kodak opened up about the reportedly woeful state of his finances claiming "These hoes be asking me for money,  they be like, 'let me get some money baby.' I say man, 'I ain't got no money!'" He further revealed, "That money you be seein' me with on Instagrams, that be fake money man, that be prop money." 

Earlier today, Kodak took to the 'gram to put any rumors that he was strapped for cash to rest announcing his latest expenditures. "I got my grandma a mansion in Haiti," he wrote. "I feel like we still be going [through] slavery... out of all the times I give back or donate in [any way], I never upload of broadcast it but I am happy to say I am building a school in Haiti as well."