If you work in a job that requires you to interact with the general public, then you know people can become rather unhinged if they don't get their way. This week, a video showing a Burger King employee getting slapped by a customer went viral. It's reported that the customer, 21-year-old Austin Addison, went to the fast-food restaurant looking for a female employee that he knew. He was shouting at someone off-camera while standing in front of a young, male employee. When the employee told Addison that he was being filmed, Addison slapped him across the face and exited the restaurant.

After hearing about the viral story, The Blast reports that rapper Kodak Black and Adrien Broner want to help out the Burger King employee, a man named Stephen Wolfe. The incarcerated rapper reportedly called up his lawyer and told him to offer Wolfe an "all-expenses-paid" vacation to anywhere in the world.

Boxing champ Adrien Broner wants to make sure Wolfe has his hands ready next time someone comes swinging at his face. Kodak asked his lawyer to reach out to Broner for help, and the boxer has offered Wolfe personal free boxing lessons. Wolfe hasn't publicly stated whether or not he would take the offer, but we expect him to jump at these opportunities. As for Addison, he was arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.