The driver who worked as Kim Kardashian's chauffeur during her stay in Paris, when she was robbed $10 million in jewelry, has been released from police custody, reports CNN. The driver, 40-year-old Michael Madar, was one of three suspects that was released on Tuesday. That means 14 suspects are still being held. 

UNIC Worldpass, the company Madar works for, claims that he was only taken in by police "for testimony purposes," reports TMZ. The identity of Michael Madar was revealed yesterday, and it was also reported that Gary Madar, his 27-year-old brother -- who works for the same limo company, was among the group of 17 arrested by French police on Monday. It is not known if Gary is one of the other two suspects who was released yesterday. The Kardashians are said to be regular patrons of the Madar brothers' car service.