If by chance you were looking forward to the Kardashian x Jenners annual Christmas card, then we're here with bad news since the yearly photo shoot has been canceled. After the debacle that took place last year, with Kylie Jenner not being present since she was secretly pregnant and the drama that ensued between Kim and Kourtney, apparently momager Kris Jenner isn't here for it again. 

“I have to say, thanks to last year’s Christmas card, that really did just fuck us over,” Kim told E! News. “That was so dramatic. Kris Jenner has given up. She’s just like, ‘I don’t have the energy to wrangle all my kids anymore and their kids.’”

But not all traditions are out the window. Kris will still be hosting her annual Christmas Eve bash but now another addition is in the mix, Kim and Kanye's own party at their estate. “This year is the first year ever that Kanye and I are having our Christmas Eve party at our house,” Kim added, detailing how Khloe will be flying out for the event from Cleveland. 

In other Kim news, she recently explained how she thinks Kanye used to be a telemarketer, which is why she goes so easy on them when they happen to call her. "You never know who's calling," she said