Earlier today we posted on Kim Kardashian's new hair looks that sparked a few comments in the Twitterverse where fans called her out for cultural appropriation. "I just KNOW I ain't seen Kim Kardashian with braids and beads. Can someone tell her to stop appropriating our culture cause Kanye clearly ain't. Smh," one user tweeted.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star clearly doesn't care all too much, as she just shared another round of pics where she leaves little to the imagination. The first photo Kim shared shows her laying beachside, while the second sees her posted up on a bed in a white g-string and buttoned down top.

Each new photo seemingly has her losing more and more clothes as the third one sees her topless in a white g-string - you can see the full pic here.  

This is by far not the first time Kim has shared such revealing images to the Gram. Just last week she posted a topless mirror selfie the same day she called "fake news" on reports of her ordering another surrogate for her and Kanye West to have their fourth child.