Breaking news, just a few days after Khloe Kardashian's Instagram randomly went private without her knowledge it seems as though the same culprit has hit her sister's Instagram. Kim Kardashian was made aware that her following count was at zero, leading her fans to believe that she unfollowed everyone, including her family and close friends.

Gotham/GC Images

The trusted fan account dubbed KimKWestPics tweeted a screenshot which prompted Kim to respond, questioning the random act. "OMG what???? What’s going on????"

Kim then detailed how the unfollowing was a mistake and she's tried to avert the crisis by following people back, but it's still at zero. "😂😂😂 no it’s a mistake. I have to remember everyone I followed now and add everyone. I have no idea what happened." In another tweet, Kim said they're working on fixing the problem (hitting up her friends at Instagram, no doubt) while she starts to follow people back.

An hour later it seems as though Kim's hard work never paid off:

However, today's a new day and it looks as though Kim is back to following 68 people that consists of some of the hottest models, musicians and designers in the game.