It was just six weeks ago that El-P shared the first snippet of Run The Jewels’ upcoming third album RTJ3 via Instagram. At the time, he cautioned fans that he and fellow jewel runner Killer Mike had only just gotten off tour and needed some time to “produce, write, record, mix and master” the record. Basically, they hadn’t started.

Apparently El-P and Killer Mike have a different standards of working time compared to normal musical humans, as last night Killer Mike shared a snippet of a song from the new record via Instagram, simply titled #RTJ3.

In the video, which is clouded with Killer Mike’s joint smoke, El-P holds up a phone that plays what can only be assumed to be a beat from the album. It sounds as wild as their previous stuff, even through tinny phone speaker. We get some funny faces from the Run The Jewels producer as well.

With this kind of progress, how soon do you think we’ll hear RTJ3?