Last year's Kids See Ghosts, the product of Kid Cudi and Kanye West's creative partnership, emerged as a fan favorite. Largely seen as a Surgical Summer highlight, the seven-song project seemed to reinvigorate both parties on a creative level, with Kanye turning in some of his best rapping in years. More importantly, however, was the return to form for Cudi, who has been elusive at the best of times. Today, Cudi linked up with legendary fashion designer and icon NIGO, who spoke with the artist by way of a translator. 

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

“There will be more Kids See Ghosts albums," reveals Cudi, around the 19-minute mark. "Kanye already told me he wants to start working on the second one. It's kind of weird, with the first album I didn't know how serious he was about making a collab album with me. He had mentioned it, but I thought it was just a good idea he had in the moment. But then he kept bringing it up, having me come to his house to listen to music, work on beats. I thought, he's really into this." 

As for the sequel, Cudi teases something in keeping with Kanye's recent stylistic direction. "We had a discussion where he said he wanted to make a spiritual album and I told him, ‘Great. That’s what I do. I would love to do that, something I can sink my teeth into,'" he explains. "So there will definitely be more.” Before that, however, Cudi will likely be dropping off both his Entergalatic album and the accompanying Netflix series. He reveals that the former will largely center around his perspective on love, something his fans have yet to truly understand. "A lot of the songs are about love and relationships," he teases. "It's purely written from my imagination, writing as this character."

Check out the full video below, and sound off - are you eager for some new Kid Cudi?