Kid Cudi is a generational talent. We likely won't see another artist like him in a while so let's appreciate him while he's still active. In my opinion, one of his more underrated songs is "Enter Galactic" from MOTM1 and although we still haven't heard a single song from Cudder's upcoming body of work, we do know that it will hold a similar title in Entergalactic. The original cut detailed a trip on psychedelic drugs, bringing Scott Mescudi closer to his fantasy land up in space. Much like the OG, Cudi plans on introducing us to yet another unknown space on his next soundscape, detailing the project on Twitter.

Speaking on his upcoming musical venture, Cudi said that we will soon be entering another realm of his creative mind, travelling through his thoughts to find fantasy. "'Entergalactic' is a fantasy. It's what I wish I had. I live a very lonely life, but I have hope Ill find someone someday," detailed the rapper. "Im still very happy at this point in my life tho. Everything seems to be workin out," he continued.

Cudi has long been one of the disturbed souls of the music industry. No matter how successful he gets, he never seems to be happy with his path. He has openly struggled with anxiety and depression, speaking about his experiences in an interview earlier this year. There is not yet a release date for Entergalactic.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images