As a musician, Kid Cudi's been called a lot of things, but "pop genius" might not be one of them. As an actor, that's a different story entirely, as he's just been tapped to appear as a "brilliant musical prodigy" in the CBS show "Scorpion."

The rapper/actor, who made his big screen debut earlier this year in "Need For Speed," stars as the inventor of "an algorithm that can generate 'mathematically' perfect pop songs" in an upcoming episode of the show, according to Entertainment Weekly. What's more, veteran rapper/actor Method Man will also appear in the episode as Lucky The King, a "hard core hip-hop manager with an intimidating, dismissive demeanor." Sounds about right.

Watch a trailer below, in which another cast member hilariously blames Cudi's algorithm for Macklemore's otherwise inexplicable success.

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