It's been a period of mourning for Trina as her mother sadly passed away from cancer earlier this month. The show must go on and Trina has returned to the stage to perform for her fans who have been supportive of the rapper during this difficult time. Even those who don't know the rap veteran have offered words of encouragement, but Khia has used this time as an opportunity to shade her foe once again.

In a video, Khia shared rumors that Trina was experiencing seizures after learning of her mother's death. Khia, of "My Neck, My Back" fame, claimed that Trina "sacrificed" her "mammy" and went on to list other things that Trina is losing including "her hair, her teeth, her deals, her fans, her virginity at 12, her walls, her career, her pregnancies, Trick [Daddy]."

In the cruel message, Khia went on to say, "We gon' see if this sacrifice helps her sell records or get her more shows." Trina's cousin and fellow Love & Hip Hop Miami star Bobby Lytes came to the rapper's defense while condemning Khia for her remarks. "This b*tch has been antagonizing Trina for years, nobody gives a f*ck ever," he tweeted. "Everybody ignores her, but today you crossed the line. For you to think you would receive any positive feedback for what you said, indicates to me that you are in fact EVIL, Crazy, and delusional!"

He pulled a post-and-delete where he shared photos of Khia while insulting her. "Your dreads look like they smell like black and mild and Colt 45 beer b*tch,” he stated. “What you look like on the outside is what you look like on the inside. Cause right now you’re not easy on the eyes." He also added, "This b*tch is delusional and obsessed! She need to worry about why tf she look like she’s 88 years old with them stank ass dreads and rotten teeth. Cock roach lookin ass ass hoe! CRACK HEAD LOOKIN B*TCH." When rap beefs are one-sided, it might be time to let them go.