Trouble caught up with Kevin McCall once again after the singer-songwriter was arrested in the California desert city of Twentynine Palms (or 29 Palms). The quiet, secluded town is nestled in San Bernadino County, and in a series of Instagram Story video clips, McCall walked through the city in the evening looking for a place to relax. He showed himself making his way through the streets before he laid down on a bench to sleep. In one video he even wrote, "How many n*ggaz can sleep on a baccwoods 'satchel' and the next morning be with more than quite a few of you's all favorite actress model."

Then, McCall is seen speaking to the camera as he walks out of a sheriff's station, saying that his outside nap got him arrested for trespassing. "Man, all praises to the most high," he said in the clip. "Tryin' to get a n*gga for trespassing for falling asleep outside yesterday. Some weird sh*t man. I'm not even bothered. Oh, yeah, and to the crackers who gave me this, this is what I think of the ticket," he said before ripping it in half. "I'm not black, I'm a Moor. I don't deal with y'all bullsh*t. I got a whole new government [and] laws of the land I follow."

McCall then shows his paperwork that states he's a "transient" of the city of 29 Palms. He wrote over the image, "San Bernadino Sheriffs Deperment you craccers May wanna start prepping yourself to be BRUTALLY sodomized for not following the proper protocol when faley detaining a BLACC NATIVE sovereign...the Meek shall inherit the Earth." He later posted an image of himself with Nipsey Hussle and said he was locking himself in the studio "and the only entity that will be allowed in my presence is that of Ermias. Allow me some privacy for the rest of the week I will not allow contact from the outside." Check it all out below.