We nearly lost one of the most popular comedians in the entire world at the beginning of last month. It has been determined that reckless driving was the cause of Kevin Hart's near-fatal accident in California, which resulted in the star requiring months of physical rehabilitation and major surgeries to repair his back. The actor is already back at work to promote one of his upcoming films and, late last night, he issued his first public statement about the crash.

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Kevin's wife had provided several updates on the star's condition in the days following his accident but this is the first time that Hart himself has spoken out about the situation. Although he will not be ready to fully get back into his busy grind until next year, Hart sent nothing but positivity to the two other people involved in the crash. "I have nothing but love for Jared and wish him and Rebecca a speedy recovery," said the comedian according to Entertainment Weekly. Jared was the man behind the wheel when they crashed through a fence and struck a tree. It has been reported that nobody in the vehicle was wearing a seatbelt.

Hart is able to walk by himself but he is still spending the majority of the day sitting down. Thus far, Kevin has returned to acting to shoot low-key promotional scenes for Jumanji but he will only return fully to work in 2020.

Get well soon, Kevin!

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