This has been a complicated year so far for Kevin Gates. The man was riddled with legal difficulties for much of 2018, being released from jail early on but remaining restricted from leaving the state of Illinois to even visit his family in California. When he was finally reunited with his children and wife after months of silence, Gates shared the touching moment for his fans to enjoy online. Now that he's officially back, he's dropped Chained to the City and performed his first return show. Of course, a few songs on an EP isn't enough for Gates to be satisfied with his output, revealing recently that he was working on the release of his next mixtape, Luca Brasi 3.

The last installment in the Godfather-inspired series came in 2014 and fans are excited to see him return to one of his most beloved mixtapes. With The Luca Brasi Story arriving the year prior, it's been a long time coming for the trilogy to be closed and while Gates didn't reveal exactly when he would be dropping the tape, he did say it was "on the way" after getting the green light from his A&R. 

The Baton Rouge recording artist shared a few videos on his socials to hype up the upcoming project after making his initial announcement, which was fairly hidden in the middle of the video. Revealing he was "scared" to drop the tape, he's adopted a "fuck it" mentality and plans to flood the streets this year. For that, we thank you Gates and we look forward to hearing what you've been working on.