Brooklyn Nets fans are extremely excited about the future of their team as they have both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant on their roster. Unfortunately, Durant will have to miss all of next season with a ruptured Achilles tendon. Durant has been posting behind the scenes looks at his long road to recovery and he is determined to be the player he was before the injury. It's not going to be easy for Durant and according to the Chief of Foot and Ankle Surgery at Mount Sinai Health System, Dr. Steven Weinfield, KD will have to worry about more than just his Achilles.

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

"I think it’s unlikely that he would play this season, but I’d be pleasantly surprised if he did come back,” Weinfield explained in an article by Nets Insider. “Certainly things you want to be clear about as a surgeon allowing an athlete to come back to play high-level sport is that obviously their repair is healed enough and that their strength is where it needs to be and that’s what takes the longest in an Achilles injury. It’s not so much the healing of the tendon, that usually takes somewhere between four, five, or six months, but the strength of the calf muscle doesn’t usually come back for about a year and sometimes even longer. So that’s what keeps the high-performance athlete out as long as it does because you really have to be sure their strength is as good as it can be before you let them they come back.”

With KD out for the season, there aren't too many expectations being placed on the Nets although they will most definitely be a contender to make the playoffs.