Whenever Kehlani pops up with a Savage x Fenty photo dump her fans implode. The Bay Area songbird has been delivering her swoon-worthy photo sets for some time and her admirers, and detractors, can't help but take notice. On Tuesday (March 9), Kehlani returned with several new pictures where she rocks Rihanna's barely-there brand and poses in an abandoned site that looks to be in the desert. Kehlani poses in and around dilapidated cars adorned with flowers on a sunny day, but we doubt anyone is paying close attention to the scenery.

Kehlani, Savage x Fenty, Rihanna
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

Last month, Kehlani covered Playboy and spoke with the long-running publication about developing a new sense of sexiness after becoming a mother. "I was this quirky little person before—not super in touch with myself, a super tomboy," the singer said at the time. "Then I became a mom, and all of a sudden I got these mom hips. I got this mom sensuality and grown-woman attitude and in-touch-ness with my body that I never had before... I think motherhood has made me this insane sex symbol even to myself."

Kehlani joked on Twitter that as her photos make the rounds, life isn't as glamorous as it seems. "Posting fenty photos from a toddler handprint stained white tee is my brand," she wrote. Check out the latest series of sexy photos from Kehlani below.