Cardi B's new single, "Be Careful" is sparking up a lot of conversation ahead of her forthcoming album. While much of it is pertaining to her album and of course, the fact that many presumed the song was about Offset's cheating allegations, there were also speculations that it may have sparked some sort of beef between herself and Kehlani. The Internet has a was of flipping narratives and it seems as if Kehlani ended up a victim to that. However, she took to Instagram to clear up any sort of rumors of beef between herself and Cardi.

After posting a screenshot of Cardi's latest single with the lyrics "Do you," someone decided to dig up an old post from her Instagram story and tried to flip it as if Cardi took one of Kehlani's old songs for "Be Careful." As pointed out by Complex, the screenshot was from a while a go and read, "you don’t take verses people did 4 years ago in writing sessions and put them out as songs buddy … NEEOOOOOOOOOOOO DO NOTTTTTTTT!"

Kehlani eventually caught wind of the rumor and decided to shut down the rumor before it even got bigger on her Instagram story. She explained that it was a guy who she was speaking of that used her song from five years a go.

"Me posting a Cardi song, with her own lyric from the song, had nothing do with it,” she said.

Overall, things seem to be copacetic between the two. Their were speaks of a collaboration as well so hopefully that'll land on Invasion Of Privacy.