It's been good news all around for Katy Perry lately, Not only has the 13x Grammy-nominated singer recently announced that she's expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom, but she just scored a legal victory. Last summer, Christian rapper Flame, real name Marcus Gray, sued Perry and her collaborators. He accused them of stealing parts of his beat from his single "Joyful Noise" in order to make her smash hit track "Dark Horse" featuring Juicy J. A jury agreed and ordered Perry, Capitol Records, and the "Dark Horse" production team to pay a $2.8 million judgment.

Katy Perry Copyright
Christopher Polk / Staff / Getty Images

Perry's legal team immediately filed an appeal and wanted the copyright infringement judgment overturned, and it looks like they took home a win. On Tuesday (March 17), Page Six reported that a judge reviewed the evidence that was presented during the July 2019 trial and decided that "Gray failed the 'extrinsic test,' which, per the Hollywood Reporter, 'requires that a copyright plaintiff identify concrete elements based on objective criteria that the works are similar.'"

It seems Marcus Gray won't be receiving the millions he'd hoped for. The judgment was much less than he'd originally desired, considering he wanted Katy Perry, Capitol Records, and the producers to fork over $20 million. Check out the tracks below and let us know if you think Katy is in the clear on this one.