Today doesn't necessarily feel like April Fool's Day for hardcore hip-hop fans after yesterday's horrific events. There have been a few things happening in the community to put a smile on our faces but much like Snoop Dogg implied this morning, April Fool's Day has pretty much been canceled this year. For anybody that is celebrating the day famous for practical jokes, don't go cutting up your brand new Yeezy sneakers in search of Kanye West's upcoming album Yandhi because one person decided to fool everyone into doing exactly that.

As reported by SneakerFreaker, one "lucky" Yeezy owner found a USB key after taking a saw to his brand new Yeezy 700 "Geode" sneakers. He posted a photo of the ripped up shoes next to the USB stick, trying to take things a step further by including a tracklist to his post. The @yandhi_yeet account is reportedly operated by a 15-year-old kid who has seemingly been planning this for a few days after cutting up a few other pairs of Yeezys. The teenager claims to have bought the shoes from Kanye's Lemonade Stand last week, saying that up to 50 pairs have the USB inside of them. 

On the supposed tracklist, ten songs are shown with features from Taylor Swift, Beck, and Kim Kardashian. The dead giveaway here is the second track titled "Poisson D'avril," which literally translates to "April Fool's" in French. Kids, don't go cutting up your Yeezys... You won't find a USB in them. Just wait for the official release.