Kanye West is a shoe-in for the hip-hop hall of fame and it all began with The College Dropout. Still competing with today's albums as a timeless masterpiece, College Dropout introduced classics like "Jesus Walks" and "All Falls Down" to us. We shouldn't even have to mention the skits that Ye included on the tracklist, which were also phenomenal. For some reason, Apple Music users were unable to access Yeezy's debut album yesterday and it was reported that Def Jam may have been behind its removal. After a label representative commented on the matter, saying they were working on getting it back after a glitch, fans who miss the old Kanye no longer have to consider switching to a different streaming service as it's been re-added to Apple.

Hopefully, nobody lost track of their fitness regimen by falling off Kanye's "New Workout Plan" but if you did, you can now go double-time as College Dropout has been reuploaded to Apple Music. The cause of its removal is still cloudy but it appears to have been an innocent glitch from the sounds of Def Jam's explanation. Fans expressed their elation on Reddit, quoting some of their favorite lyrics from Ye's debut in the comments section.

With CD back in the mix, let us know which track you'll be bumping first after the short-lived Dropout famine of July 2018.